Ted’s New Book – Out Now!

Hiring a Car and Walking After It

It is often said that facts tell, but stories sell. This is because our minds will remember a story long after the fact it supported is forgotten.

Ted’s new book is full of stories. Stories that teach us lessons in our personal, business and community lives. Some are humorous, some inspirational, some descriptive while others are downright strange! All, however, are educational in one way or another.

The title of the book comes from a saying often used by Ted’s grandmother who would regularly describe useless activities as “like hiring a car and walking after it”. Cars were pretty scarce in the Ireland of the 1950s, when Ted was growing up. If one were to go to the expense of hiring one only to walk after it… well, it goes without saying what a waste it would be!

Ted uses his grandmother’s expression, and others like it, to illustrate practices he has come across in both his professional and private life. Practices he believes we can all learn from. All of which should help you to avoid hiring that car… and walking after it!

Ted’s book is available from our online store for only €15, with shipping included in the price.

Cover image of the 'Hiring a car and walking-after it' book